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Liguori Satisfied with Idol Creative, Not Ratings

Fox entertainment chairman Peter Liguori said that while he isn’t necessarily happy with the ratings fall-off for American Idol, he is content with the direction of the show.

“I am satisfied creatively, but not satisfied with the performance,” he said Thursday.

Liguori believes part of the show’s ratings erosion, besides the fact that it is seven years old, is that it has struggled a bit with the post-strike malaise that has plagued much of network television.

However, as Fox executives have said consistently this season and virtually every year in the past, Liguori said the network and producers will take a hard look at the show’s content prior to next January.

Liguori added that they want to see what they can do to inject more energy into the show. They will also continue to examine scheduling aspects, such as the length of the Wednesday results show.

“Every season, we are able to reset the table, and I can assure you that between the network and the producers, we really want to talk a look at the show for next year,” he said.