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Lights, Camera, Levin!

Most pink-slipped network presidents trundle off to a similar network or studio job or get the obligatory “independent production deal.” Not Jordan Levin.

Since leaving the top slot at the WB last June, Levin has been that rare axed exec who actually does “pursue other interests.”
One pursuit: directing TV instead of commissioning it. Levin was behind the camera for the scheduled Nov. 15 episode of WB hit Everwood. The studio head-turned novice  director was working with a cast that other first-timers would kill for.
 In addition to series star and two-time Golden Globe nominee Treat Williams, the cast included James Earl Jones and Anne Heche. “It was like taking the wheel of a high performance sports car—not some used clunker,” says Levin.
Does this mean a career shift? “Oh, I’d like to do it again,” says Levin. “But I’m not looking to make it a full-time thing.”