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Lifetime tops April basic cable charts

Lifetime's household rating rose 6% to a 1.9 for the April ratings period, topping its basic cable competition.

That beat out USA Network, whose ratings plunged 26% from 2.3 last year to 1.7, largely because of the loss of WWF programs. Cartoon Network tied USA's household rating, but lagged a bit in actual households viewing because it has smaller distribution. TBS and TNT also suffered because of the cancellation of their WCW wresting programming. TNT fell 12% to a 1.5 and TBS fell 21% to a 1.5. The big primetime winners for the month: TNN (up 67% to 1.0 on the strength of the WWF) and Odyssey (up 67% to 0.5.) Big losers include ESPN (down 27% to 0.8), Bravo (down 25% to 0.3 absent The Godfather movies).
- John Higgins