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Lifetime selects Missing , Wild Card

It's not easy picking favorites among your progenies, but Lifetime Television has
finally selected two of its four drama pilots to take to series.

1-800-Missing and Wild Card are slated to debut in early August.

Lifetime has ordered 13 episodes of each drama, and it will use the shows to
launch a second night of originals, possibly on Saturday or Tuesday. Its
successful dramas, Strong Medicine and The Division, air on Sundays.

1-800-Missing stars Gloria Reuben as an FBI agent who teams up with a
teen-age psychic to solve missing-persons cases.

Wild Card features Joely Fisher as a former Las Vegas blackjack dealer
who, after her sister's death, goes to take care of her children and embarks on
a new investigative career.

Lifetime Entertainment chief Barbara Fisher said both shows have "great
emotional tug, and we hope there is good suspense and good mystery."