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Lieberman calls for hearings on video games

Sen. and probable presidential candidate Joe Lieberman (D-N.J.) wants to
hold a new round of hearings on violent video games. The hearings could include
looking into the marketing of those games on TV.

Although retailers, rather than marketers, are the "front-burner" issue, Lieberman communications director Dan Gerstein said, "it would be good to look at
the whole picture," and that could include TV.

Citing the just-released "MediaWise Video Game Report Card," from the National
Institute on Media and the Family, Lieberman urged parents Thursday to be
vigilant, but said he is also calling for the hearings, prompted by "a small but
highly popular minority [that] is not just pushing the envelope, they are
shooting, torturing and napalming it beyond all recognition and beyond all

Media violence and its affect on public health has been a signature issue for
the senator and former vice presidential candidate.