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Letterman Plans HD, Tweaks CNN

Letterman, Letterman everywhere. He kept popping up on Broadcasting & Cable's radar last week, from CBS uber-boss Les Moonves’ contention in a Playboy magazine interview that his man would beat Jay Leno in the late-night ratings if Nielsen Media Research could just tally guys watching in sports bars and frat houses, to Dave conducting the Dan Rather exit interview as the newsman gives up the CBS Evening News anchor chair.

Then there was the tech gossip that came our way: Next fall, Letterman’s Late Show will, at a long last, start broadcasting in high-definition (Leno went HD in 1999).
Nice to know that the Late Show look will finally sparkle as much as the writing still does after all these years.
In case you missed it, the other night Letterman offered a Top 10 list of “Other Changes at CNN.” Given the subsequent news that CNN dropped 21% in February prime time ratings from last year, the network might want to give this some serious thought:
10.  Wolf Blitzer changing his name to Blitz Wolfer.
9.  When covering a hard story, reporters ask, “What would Jack Daniels do?”
8.  Every Sunday it’s a WKRP in Cincinnati marathon.
7.  Reporters must make quotation marks with fingers when calling Bush “President.”
6.  They’re putting Lou Dobbs on steroids.
5.  Every night, one lucky viewer receives an on-air physical from Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
4.  Last 10 minutes of newscasts anchors sing hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today.
3.  Let’s just say Paula Zahn is now Paul Zahn.
2. Changing name to CNNN.
1.  Interactive feature allows viewers to administer painful electric shock to Larry King.