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Less original Oprah to come

A key reason Oprah Winfrey doesn't want Oxygen to air repeats of her talk
show is that she will need them herself as filler in the final years of her own
show as she cuts way back on original production.

During the next two seasons, she's expected to do 29 weeks of original
production, down from 37 weeks this season.

In the last two seasons of the show (2004-05 and '05-'06) she'll drop to 20
weeks and 15 weeks, respectively, using library material to fashion 'new' shows
to fill in the gaps.

How do station managers feel about this?

One indication is that the show is already cleared in 90% (and counting) of
the U.S. through the final two years.

As one observer put it, 'even less Oprah is good