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Lara Logan to Host Series on Fox Nation

Lara Logan will host a four-part docu-series on Fox Nation. Featuring 16 total episodes, No Agenda with Lara Logan will focus on media bias, immigration, socialism and veterans.

Fox Nation is a subscription-based streaming service that launched a year ago.

No Agenda with Lara Logan will feature four 90-minute installments, each comprised of four episodes, that will be released simultaneously on the platform. It premieres in January. Logan will report “from the front lines of America’s political and ideological war zones and dive into a number of hot-button issues with on-the-ground coverage and expert interviews,” said Fox Nation.

“As we continue to expand Fox Nation, this series is the exact kind of compelling content we want to deliver to our subscribers and super fans,” said John Finley, executive VP of Fox Nation.

Logan was a reporter on 60 Minutes and chief foreign affairs correspondent at CBS News.

“This series is what American people tell me they want everywhere I go —honest, independent journalism that will not bow to propagandists and political operatives who use the media as a weapon to silence, punish and bully,” said Logan. “I am so proud to be part of this team.”