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L.A. news sets up for auction

Cosmo Kramer may have found the old Merv Griffin set abandoned in a dumpster, but news junkies in need of a new living room or news stations in need of a new look straight from a major market may want to bid on three full-size TV news sets being auctioned off on eBay Inc. by Viacom Inc.'s KCAL-KCBS Los Angeles duopoly.

Bidding is scheduled to go through this week and apply to all three sets. The opening bid, which had not been made as of Friday afternoon, was set at $5,000.
The KCBS site may have some value for model-train enthusiasts, as an elaborate model city is part of the background.

News director Nancy Bauer said money raised will go to a scholarship fund set up for the children of KCBS cameraman Larry Greene, who was killed in a helicopter crash while working in the Persian Gulf in September.