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KTVX Refuses Anti-War Ad

ABC affiliate KTVX Salt Lake City is the latest headline--including on CNN's Situation Room--in the campaign of Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist whose son died while serving in Iraq and has been camped out near the President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch asking to meet with the president. 

In anticipation of the President’s visit to Salt Lake City Monday at a veterans convention, ads featuring Sheehan asking for a meeting with the President aired on three of the four major network affiliates.

But Clear Channel-owned ABC station KTVX refused to air the spot, telling the organizing group, Washington-based Gold Star Families for Peace, that it was an “inappropriate commercial advertisement for Salt Lake City… incompatible with our marketplace,” according to the group.

That sentiment was apparently not shared by the local CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates, which have been airing the 60-second spots since Aug. 19, according to the group. The $15,000 buys were funded by Sheehan’s supporters.  

Gold Star Families for Peace says it will continue to air the spot in other markets the President visits. The ad has already run in the Waco-Crawford, Tex., market, where Bush’s ranch is located.