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KTVA Reporter Quits On-Air

With an F-bomb that left a station anchor speechless, Charlo Greene, a reporter for KTVA-TV Anchorage, Alaska, quit that station Sunday night after a lengthy 10 p.m. news segment on medical marijuana.

Following the story, Greene revealed she was owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, which had been the subject of the push to have the state legalize its use, said she would devote her energies to the campaign and added, "F@#k it, I quit," and walked off.

In a tweet following the incident, KTVA news director Bert Rudman tweeted: "We sincerely apologize for the inappropriate language used by a KTVA reporter during her live presentation on the air Sept. 21. The employee is terminated."

Greene followed up with an online announcement of her decision to quit on-air, saying: "I'm Charlo Greene, the president and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club –Alaska's only legal medical marijuana resource. I just quit my news reporting job on live TV to announce that I am redirecting all of my energy toward helping to end a failed drug policy that has ruined the lives of far too many Americans."