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KSFX 'Not Going Anywhere' After Fox Divorce

Mark Gordon, KSFX Springfield (Mo.) VP/GM, assured viewers that KSFX "is not going anywhere and neither is any of our great staff" after Fox announced it was affiliating with KRBK to air Fox programming on its digital channel September 1.

KSFX is one of three Nexstar stations that have split with Fox over a difference of opinion regarding affiliation agreements and retrans payments.

Gordon did not return a call for comment; neither has Perry Sook, Nexstar's chairman/CEO/president. Gordon addressed the issue on KSFX site

"This change will only impact the programs that we air from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday as well as weekend sports, and represents less than 10% of our weekly broadcast schedule," he said. "Granted, great programs make up that 10%, and we will miss them. "

Gordon said Fox initiated the breakup after "long and protracted negotiations."

"This was not a decision we wanted to happen," he said. "We have enjoyed a long, successful partnership with Fox and are disappointed that they made this decision."

Fox responded by saying "we are looking forward to bringing viewers in Springfield FOX's top-rated sports and entertainment programming via Koplar Communications' KRBK- Fox 49."

Gordon said the station's primetime "centrepiece" will continue to be the newscast KSFX News at 9, with a supporting cast of sitcoms that includes Two and a Half Men, My Name is Earl and Seinfeld.

He pointed disgruntled viewers to a Fox hotline and email address.