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Koppel praises Sept. 11 coverage

National Association of Television Programming Executives 'Chairman's Award'
winner Ted Koppel said the media generally handled Sept. 11 'brilliantly.'

The veteran ABC Nightline anchor and managing editor told an
opening-session crowd he hoped the media learned from that coverage that there
is, and continues to be, an appetite for quality information.

It would be a shame, he said, if TV were to return to mediocrity.

Saying that we are probably 'doomed' to live in the kind of world that has
emerged since the terrorist attacks 'forever,' he emphasized that the importance
of trusted and reliable media delivering information quickly and well was that
much greater.

On a cautionary note, Koppel pointed out that when he was starting out, in
order to get a national news platform, you had to work for one of the 'Big

Now, he added, anyone can get a camera, shoot their own video, edit it,
upload it to the Internet and, in one click, effectively reach the world.

He called that development 'wildly encouraging and terribly frightening.'

NATPE chairman Jon Mandel also threw a number of off-the-wall questions at

When asked who he would like to take a cross-country motorcycle trip with,
Koppel said Bill Clinton might make a good companion, although his wife might
not like the kind of adventure they would have.