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KNTV, KXAS and WTHR Among Peabody Finalists

Local broadcasters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas and Indianapolis are among 60 finalists for the annual Peabody Awards, the organization announced Wednesday.

They are:

  • KNTV, NBC’s Bay Area O&O, which is being considered for its report, “Arrested at School: Criminalizing Classroom Misbehavior”
  • KXAS, the NBC-owned station in Dallas, for its investigation, “Big Buses, Bigger Problems: Investigating DCS”
  • WTHR Indianapolis, the Dispatch-owned NBC affiliate, for two reports—“Dangerous Exposure” and “Charity Caught on Camera.

All of the works were aired in 2016.

The local broadcasters, which are being considered for a Peabody in the news category, are in there with some formidable national news outlets – CBS, CNN and HBO.

Finalists in entertainment, children’s programming, documentary, public service, radio/podcast, and web are being considered as well.

The Peabody organization, which is based at the University of Georgia, will announce its 30 winners in a series of announcements April 12-25.  This year will mark the 76th anniversary of the Peabody Awards, created to honor the best storytelling in television, radio and digital media.

A full list of the Peabody Award finalists can be found here.