Kish: Web’s Next Chapter ‘to Be Written on Gigabit Speeds’

With four more metro areas targeted for deployment and another five still under consideration, Google Fiber is riding high on the 1-Gig wave.

"We think the next chapter of the web is going to be written on gigabit speeds,” Dennis Kish, VP of Google Fiber, said Tuesday during a press conference following the announcement of an 18-city expansion across four metros in the southeastern U.S. “We want our engineers to be unconstrained when they're bringing their innovations to the market.”

Kish, the former Qualcomm exec tapped to take the helm of Google Fiber last fall, said Google Fiber made its latest picks largely based on their infrastructure readiness, noting that the company has spent the last year gathering info from cities about roads, underground utility paths, and permitting processes that would “make construction as smooth and efficient as possible.”

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