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Kimmel Returns to the Outdoors

Outdoor concerts -- courtesy of sponsors Sony Electronics Corp., Sony Connect and Coors Brewing Co. -- are back on ABC’s late-night program, Jimmy Kimmel Live. The series kicked off Monday night with a performance by Lenny Kravitz on a new stage located behind the show’s Hollywood venue.

Kravitz’ performance can be downloaded at Sony Connect’s online music store, Called Kimmel Downloads, the performances are available for 99 cents per song and include songs that didn’t air on the show. "So many great things happen after the show goes off the air," says Kimmel. "Everyone can now hear what was once exclusive to our studio audience. This is great for viewers who love the music but dislike me."

The show planned outdoor live performances when it premiered 18 months ago but found them cost-prohibitive. Corporate sponsorships solve that problem. Jimmy Kimmel Live plans at least 22 outdoor concerts by the end of the year.