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Killen Named Sinclair Group Manager

Allbritton veteran James Killen has been named group manager at Sinclair, with oversight of Tulsa, Little Rock, Roanoke-Lynchburg and other markets to be determined. Since 2004, Killen had been VP of sales for Allbritton, which Sinclair recently acquired, overseeing seven stations, NewsChannel 8 and Politico. Prior to that he was local sales manager WNBC New York.

"Having held a key sales management position at Allbritton and given his familiarity with the stations and staff, James is the perfect choice to continue with us as a group manager overseeing some of these same markets we recently acquired," said Steve Marks, co-COO of Sinclair. "We look forward to building upon that foundation and expanding our market presence."

Killen is on the board of TVB and the Media Ratings Council.

"It will be an exciting new chapter for me, continuing to work with some of the best run stations in the country, while having the luxury of utilizing all of the new tools that Sinclair offers," said Killen.