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Kent Upped to Regional News Director at Raycom

Nancy Kent, WWBT Richmond news director, will be promoted to
regional news director by parent Raycom as of Sept. 1. She'll give up her news
director role at WWBT for an oversight one in Richmond, along with Raycom's
station newsrooms in Ohio, Tucson, Knoxville and West Palm Beach.

Fellow regional news director Steve Ackermann will shift
from Ohio to Raycom headquarters in Montgomery, Ala., by the end of the year
and will oversee news at the group's stations in Alabama and Columbus, Ga.,
while continuing his oversight of news at WAVE Louisville, WFIE Evansville,
KFVS Cape Girardeau and KAIT Jonesboro. Vicki Zimmerman will add Memphis to her
portfolio and Larry Silbermann has already transitioned to working directly
with WBTV Charlotte while continuing his work with stations in the Carolinas
and Georgia.

The moves are a result of Susana Schuler, Raycom
VP of news, becoming more involved in strategic planning and oversight in news,
longform content and digital media. Schuler will retain oversight of Raycom's
news operations in Hawaii.