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Katz Recommends Tyra

Rep firm Katz Television Group Programming has released its handicap of new and returning syndicated shows. Its conclusion: Warner Bros.' Tyra Banks talker is a "strategic demographic choice," the only such recommendation Katz gave to any new show.

It had no recommendation on talkers in the works from Martha Stewart (NBC Universal), financial adviser Suze Orman (Twentieth Television), and Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers (Sony).

In the court/reality genre, there are new shows on each side of that slash, a court show, Judge Alex, from Twentieth, and a reality show, Design Invasion, being tested on the Fox stations (co-owned with Twentieth). Katz had no recommendations on either.

While its now looking to be a pretty safe bet that Twentieth will revive news magazine  A Current Affair for access, there was no confirmed news magazine development at the time Katz was preparing its taped presentation for about 350 station clients ( a sort of buyers guide to the NATPE program sales convention in Las Vegas next week). Katz had no recommendation for the genre other than to advise stations to renew shows that work.

In the game/relationship genre, Katz recommended that stations lock up Wheel and Jeopardy through 2011, suggesting that there is no reason to think those shows' two decades of dominance won't continue well into a third, given their "unbeatable standings and no new games of their caliber on the horizon."