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Kansas mayor arrested

The mayor of Columbus, Kan., was charged with battery last week following a
confrontation with KOAM-TV Joplin, Mo., reporter Jeanene Kiesling.

According to the station, Kiesling said she was pushed by the mayor after he
turned out the lights while she and a photographer were taking video in City
Council chambers and she tried to turn them back on. She was not injured.

Mayor Bill Schaiff was arrested Tuesday afternoon and released on $500 bond.

The Joplin Globe reported that Schaiff said he was told by his attorney
not to comment, "And you'd better be careful what you write, or you might be a
party in the lawsuit, too."

The station noted that "careful consideration went into whether KOAM would
cover this as a news story since a KOAM reporter is the alleged victim. In
making the decision, KOAM applied the same standards used to determine the
newsworthiness of this or any other story."