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Kaiser Study Answers Content Questions

The Kaiser Family Foundation is planning to release a study Sept. 23 that it sid will answer some key questions in the debate over broadcast content.

Among them:

  • How big a deal is the Janet Jackson reveal?
  • What "inappropriate" content are parents most worried about, on television, video games, the Internet, or music lyrics?
  • How many parents use the V-Chip or ratings?
  • Would parents support attempts to 1) regulate the amount of sex and violence in the so-called family hour (8-9 p.m.), 2) regulate cable television; 3) create a single, uniform ratings system for all media?
  • What impact do parents think food advertising on TV has on their children, and do they favor restricting such ads.

The FCC last month opened an inquiry into the effect of TV content on children and extended the deadline for comment to Oct. 15, reportedly in part to be able to include the study findings in that comment record, though it's Jackson fine will likely already have been levied by the time the study is released.

The study comes as Congress proposes to give the FCC greater content enforcement power in the wake of the Jackson reveal.