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Kaiser Revamps Health Reporting Fellowships

Starting next year, the Kaiser Family Foundation is offering up to 10 fellowships in health reporting for TV, radio, online and print journalists.

The program will combine Kaiser's existing media fellowships with its "mini" fellowships so that there is more flexibility in the length of time and the approach. Fellowships can be as long as 9 months or as short as a few months.

The fellowships will comprise a research/reporting project and seminars and site visits (a trip to Florida, for instance, to examine proposed changes to its Medicaid system). The stipend will be up to $50,000 (for a nine-month stint), plus travel and equipment costs.

Participants may also attend the annual three-day seminar on researching health-related databases at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Applications will be due by March 16, 2006, with the fellowships awarded in June.