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Kaiser putting out condom ad research

The Kaiser Family Foundation will release the results of both a so-called "dial test" of 175 TV viewers and a broader pubic opinion survey on attitudes about the controversial subject of condom advertising next Tuesday.

The group wouldn't release the results before June 19, but Foundation vice president Vicky Rideout didn't dispute speculation that the results will show positive feedback about condom advertising. The Kaiser Foundation, though known for objective research, supports and promotes public education on family health and family planning issues. The dial test is a method networks use for testing new shows, where a panel of viewers sits in a room, watching a show. Viewers have a hand held device that is used to record their positive, negative or neutral feelings about the content throughout the program. At the same time, Kaiser will issue a paper outlining where the networks stand on the issue.

ABC, WB and UPN still ban all condom advertising. CBS, NBC and Fox accept it, but with a lot of restrictions as to the content of the ads and dayparts where they can air, said Rideout. On hand at the Kaiser briefing will be a WB standards and practices executive, who will outline the network's stand against such ads. And Richard Kline, vice president, marketing, Trojan Condoms will discuss his company's efforts to get advertising air time. - Steve McClellan