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JVC Bows New Hi-Def Billboard In New York

Electronics giant JVC has taken the wraps off a new high-definition LED (light-emitting diode) billboard in New York City’s Times Square, the company’s third in the area.

The new JVC billboard, which measures 19 feet by 34 feet for a total square footage of 7,880, is the second HD big screen to hit Times Square in the last few weeks. Last month, pharmacy chain Walgreen’s lit up a 30-story, LED-based electronic billboard atop its new flagship store at One Times Square, featuring high-definition video advertising both from Walgreen’s and its suppliers.

The JVC billboard, which complements the JVC globe that has been situated at the northeast corner of Broadway and 43rd Street since 1999, features three LED displays -- the main screen and two "tickers", including one that encircles the globe. Billed by JVC as the first 720-line-progressive big screen in Times Square, the display has a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and 1280 by 720 resolution delivered by 1,007 LED modules.

The giant JVC billboard weighs 12,500 pounds, and links to over 3,000 feet of data cables. Each video module measures 15 x 15 inches and 3.25” wide x 40” high, and delivers HD content at 60 frames-per-second. The display was manufactured by Clear Channel Spectacolor and D3 LED LLC, which also built the Walgreen’s giant billboard.