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Justice Network Hits Hallmarks in Efforts to Find Missing Kids, Fugitives

Justice Network, the 2 ½ -year-old crime-focused diginet, has hit two major milestones: helping in the recovery of more than 100 missing kids and in the capture of 100-plus fugitives, the network said Monday.

“When we had the idea for Justice’s societal component in 2014, I would have been proud to have had even a fraction of the success we have had,” said CEO Steve Schiffman. “To have reached over 100 most wanted fugitives captured and missing children returned to their families is simply incredible.”

Finding missing kids and fugitives has been part of Justice Network’s promotion of public safety, a component of its on-air strategy since its January 2015 launch.  Every hour, the network features missing children and fugitives specific to viewers' areas, and provides a range of safety tips as well.

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The network’s BeSAFE initiative is run by the activist John Walsh, who created America’s Most Wanted after his son’s murder, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Atlanta Police Department.

A total of 692 fugitives and 343 missing children have been featured to date.