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Just Shoot Me hangs on

Scuttlebutt shot around Hollywood Tuesday that NBC sitcom Just Shoot
had finally gotten its cancellation notice.

The show hasn't been on the air in months, but NBC and Universal Television, the studio
that produces Just Shoot Me, said the David Spade-starrer isn't dead yet.

Just Shoot Me is scheduled to come back on NBC's air this April, an
NBC spokeswoman said, and run through May sweeps.

It's unlikely that the show will reappear in its Tuesday 8 p.m. time slot,
where it earned dismal ratings.

NBC also is bringing back a sitcom from last year, Julia Louis-Dreyfus'
Watching Ellie, but that show hasn't been officially scheduled yet,

Whether Just Shoot Me will be renewed for next year is much more in
doubt, with most speculating "no" and NBC and Universal refraining from

NBC and ABC both have taken big hits on Tuesday nights due to the success of
Fox's American Idol: Search for a Superstar.

Tuesday night, NBC aired repeats of its Thursday-night "Must-See" lineup to
try to steal viewers away from Fox's talent-fest.