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Julia Child's Recipe for TV Success

Culinary icon Julia Child, who died Aug. 12, sat down with Broadcasting & Cable two weeks ago. She talked about being a TV chef, the food business and why she never sold her name.

On TV chefs:
“Not everyone can articulate and demonstrate at the same time. TV  is a visual medium. And a ‘talking head’ is boring! The TV chefs who are most popular are enthusiastic and really love what they’re doing.”

On why she never took endorsements:
“I want to be able to be completely honest about what I say and what I present. I like having the opportunity to show the difference between brands and styles of cookware. I don't want to have to avoid using anything simply because it may conflict with the views of a sponsor.”

On the food industry:
“The culinary profession has become just that: a profession. The discipline involves much more than just cooking. There are an unlimited number of careers: from nutritionists to food writers, culinary historians, photographers, set designers, dietitians, restaurant reviewers-not to mention chefs.”