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Jon Stewart To Host Oscars

The selection of Jon Stewart has brought to an end the search for a host for the 78th Academy Awards, which airs March 5 on ABC.

While Stewart has twice hosted the Grammy Awards (in 2001 and 2002), this will be his first time handing out the film kudos.

The host of The Daily Show takes over the duties from Chris Rock, who reportedly was not asked back after last year’s rocky show.  Rock came under fire even prior to the show when he made controversial remarks about the event, including calling awards shows “idiotic."

"As a performer, I’m truly honored to be hosting the show," said Stewart in a press release.  "Although, as an avid watcher of the Oscars, I can’t help but be a little disappointed with the choice. It appears to be another sad attempt to smoke out Billy Crystal."

According to reports, Crystal turned down offers to host the show this year.