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Johnson Whacks He's a Lady Sponsorship

SC Johnson, the main sponsor of TBS' new reality show, He's a Lady, has pulled out.

A company spokesman could not be reached for comment, but the American Family Association (AFA) was taking some credit for the move, saying in an e-mailed alert that following news reports last week identifying SC Johnson as sponsor, members sent e-mails of complaint.

The show features macho men surprised into a makeover as a women to give them a taste of walking a mile in the other half's high-heels.

AFA says it got several e-mail reponses from SC Johnson, quoting one as saying: "As part of SC Johnson's advertising and marketing efforts, we review and evaluate programming on a constant basis. He's a Lady is scheduled to air October 19. As part of our ongoing evaluation process with our marketing brand teams, we are not sponsoring this program."

Turner spokesman Sal Petruzzi confirmed the company had dropped its sponsorship, saying: "I can't comment on SC Johnson's decision, but in the spirit of Tootsie, we believe this is a show that takes a lighthearted and comedic look at how gender roles affect everyday lives. And after the show airs, I think our viewers and advertiser partners will see that for themselves."