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John Edwards, Cable Programmer

Four high-profile politicos have turned programmers for Turner Classic Movies, which asked four senators -- two Democrats and two Republicans -- to pick and introduce films with political themes that resonated with them. 

They will be the marquee films in a Thursday night political-themed lineup on the movie net beginning in October and leading up to the election.

North Carolina Democratic Senator and VP candidate John Edwards pick was a film featuring a rogue military that threatens the peace and security of the world: Stanley Kubrick's black comedy, Dr. Strangelove.

The film will kick off the four-film series Oct. 7, with the other three airing on each succeeding Thursday night through the end of the month. Edwards said of the film: "I believe that one of the messages Kubrick was trying to send was that putting this kind of power and this potential holocaust in the hands of human beings, no matter who they are, is an extraordinarily dangerous thing. They're human beings in the military, just as they're human beings in civilian leadership positions, which is why it's so important to have somebody at the top of the civilian government, in the presidency and the vice presidency, who understands what's happening and has good sound judgment and ultimately has real control over what's gonna happen, which of course, didn't happen here."

Next in the rotation Oct. 14 will be Arizona Republican John McCain, who also picked a Kubrick Film, Paths Of Glory, about a glory-seeking general. "The lesson is the incredible obligation that any government has and, in our case, our government has for the expenditure of our most precious treasure, and that's American blood," McCain explains in introducing the film. "The cause has to be just.  The end has to be in sight.  And there has to be a clear-cut strategy for that victory."

Delaware Democrat Joseph Biden's pick (Oct. 21): Dead Poet's Society; Utah Republican Orrin Hatch's pick (Oct. 28) : To Kill A Mockingbird.