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Its the real (gone) thing


A Pepsi vending machine that found its way into the background in the initial episode of the WB's Coca-Cola sponsored Young Americans will not be there for its debut July 12. "That's been paint-boxed out [of the scene]," laughed Steven Antin, the show's creator and executive producer. "That wasn't supposed to be there."

The opening scene features one of the star characters, Scout, (played by Mark Famiglietti) handing a beautiful girl, Bella, (Kate Bosworth) a Coke-and sparks fly.

That rather prominent plot device notwithstanding, "if anything, Coke doesn't want us to be too heavy-handed with the product placement," says Antin, a former TV actor, who says he is all for using the real thing when it comes to props. "For me, it's so great to be able to put a Coke in somebody's hand because of the years that I've been in movies or television [NYPD Blue] and I'm always drinking 'Mork' soda [or some other non-existent brand]. It's so stupid looking," he said.

Young Americans, also executive-produced by Joe Voci and Scott Sanders, is produced by Mandalay Television in association with Columbia TriStar Television.