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It's Our Network Calls For Tougher Conditions

AT&T's offer of abiding by FCC network neutrality guidelines is not cutting it for the It's Our Network coalition.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin tried to approve the merger of AT&T and Bell South earlier this month, but was stymied by a the lack of a third vote/Commissioner Robert McDowell recused himself because he used to work for telephone association COMPTEL, which weighed in on the merger.

Ironically, it didn't help that the Justice Department, working to pave the way for the FCC vote, approved the deal without any conditions, inciting FCC Democrats to hold up the vote until Martin put AT&T's proposed modifications out for 10-day comment.

It's Our Net Coalition, made up of a laundry list of big computer company's filed comments Tuesday with the FCC saying that the commission should revise the AT&T proposal to make sure that the the conditions guarantee "evenhanded treatment of all Internet-based applications, content and services traffic traversing its broadband facilities, regardless of its source, destination or ownership."

The FCC will try again Nov. 3 to vote on the merger whose 180-day shot clock--the FCC's self-imposed, informal deadline--ran out on Oct. 20. The Adelphia merger review tool over 400 days, which Commission Democrats Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein pointed to in suggesting the FCC had the time--as well as the responsibility,--to put AT&T's proposed changes out for comment.