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Isilon Bows New Storage Product

Isilon Systems, the Seattle-based company that has sold its disk-based "clustered storage" systems to large media concerns including NBC, ABC and Comcast, is introducing a new storage product, the Isilon IQ 200, aimed at smaller companies, such as local stations or post-production facilities, who are looking for a more affordable storage system.

"It broadens the market for clustered storage," says Brett Goodwin, Isilon VP of marketing and business development, who says that Isilon has already sold 50 of the units after a soft launch in late December.

The Isilon IQ 200 is a new class of clustered storage that integrates Isilon’s innovative OneFS operating system software, which powers all of Isilon’s enterprise-class storage systems, into an affordable and compact solution. A three-node IQ 200 system with six terabytes (TB) of storage (2 TB per node) sells for under $40,000.

The IQ 200 can be scaled up in a modular fashion to 48 TB in total. That is consistent with Isilon's existing sales model, in which 61% of revenues are driven by repeat purchases by existing customers who are simply adding to their clustered storage systems.

"The ability to scale in a pay-as-you-grow fashion is very attractive," says Goodwin. "You can specify what you initially need, then just add modular building blocks."

For example, New York production and post-production house Crossroads Films has purchased the IQ 200 after serving as a beta-test site and is already looking to scale up the system as a storage solution for its eight edit rooms. AJ Javan, head of information systems for Crossroads, says the new Isilon product is more cost-effective than numerous storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) products he evaluated.

Isilon, which had a successful initial public offering in December that raised over $100 million, is also using the IQ 200 launch to strengthen its OEM [original equipment manufacturer] relationship with broadcast equipment conglomerate Harris. Harris, which has been reselling Isilon storage with its Nexio video servers since last September, has also agreed to resell the IQ 200 and integrate it with the Nexio platform.