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iPod Idols?

FremantleMedia has created a new post to develop shows and formats specifically for new media including mobile, broadband and IPTV.

Gary Carter, who has been executive VP, Worldwide Entertainment, for FremantleMedia, will be chief executive creative officer, new platforms, for the program- and format-distribution company.

The news came the same day Fox was launching the season debut on its traditional platform of FremantleMedia's hottest property, American Idol. The company's other properties include The Apprentice, Project Runway and game show Price Is Right (Carter will be exploring gaming platforms as well).

Carter will divide his time between London and Amsterdam and, with the naming of Simon Spalding to a new post of director of operations, Asia Pacific, will also be acting CEO of the company's licensing operations.

Carter has been with the company full-time for a year, and before that was a consultant on strategic direction and operations.