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Internet Broadcasting Offers 'Election Night' Package

Internet Broadcasting will be making a push to help local broadcasting stations compete nationally Tuesday, offering its partners a special “Election Night” package for their websites.

Having brokered a deal with the Associated Press, Internet Broadcasting will be giving local news stations the opportunity to receive election result updates every 3-7 minutes rather than the 30-60 minute updates it says are typical of local network websites.

“We at IB are able to work with the trusted local brands – the brands that the consumers already have a relationship with – and to bring that brand and that trust online,” says Internet Broadcasting COO Jeff Kimball.  “What viewers want online is the same thing that they want from a newscast.  They want speed, they want relevance and they want results presented in a way that makes sense to them.”

Including a national presidential results map, a “balance of power” snapshot, polls, forums as well as links to a wide selection of national and local news sites, election video clips and breaking election day news coverage, the IB package will allow small news stations to pick and choose what they want to include on their sites, enabling them to more effectively compete with national broadcasting stations.

“IB's ability to offer the fastest-available elections results helps give our local television station partners a competitive edge in what is shaping up to be the most exciting election of our time,” David Lebow , Internet Broadcasting CEO said in a statement.  “Through our focus on high-quality content and market-leading tools, we're adding an extraordinary level of user engagement to our network.  No more hopping around from site to site, online users can now get everything they need on Election Day from their local television Web site.”