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Intel to Sponsor CBS HD Content Online

CBS Interactive is now offering a bevy of HD CBS shows on the Web site under an exclusive sponsorship with computer chip giant Intel.

CBS, which previously disclosed plans to upgrade its video player to support HD content, is now providing full episodes and clips of CBS content such as CSI, Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and The Big Bang Theory in the 720-line-progressive HD format in the “CBS HD Gallery.”

"We're focused on providing the highest-quality audio and video that technology allows, and we're working with leaders across the industry, and clients like Intel, to make that objective a reality," said Anthony Soohoo, senior vice president and general manager of CBS Interactive, in a statement.

The exclusive sponsorship makes sense for Intel, which just introduced a new generation of Centrino microprocessors for laptops that feature enhanced support for HD video, including the ability to play Blu-ray optical discs in the 1080-line progressive HD format and lower power consumption for increased battery life.

Intel will receive prominent and immersive placement throughout the HD Gallery, and the campaign will use site skins and display, as well as community features such as real-time chats and activity feeds.

"Everyone knows that the world of entertainment is quickly shifting to digital video, from the creation of original Webisodes and home videos to streaming TV shows online and an increasing amount of high-definition programming," said Heather Dixon, consumer marketing for Intel Americas, in a statement. "We're loading Intel-based laptops and PCs with a variety of HD and video technologies and blazing fast processors so consumers can enjoy a stunning online experience from innovative sites like CBS HD on the go or in the home.”