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The Inside Story

Staying competitive is a hallmark of 15-year-old Inside Edition. So the King World show is sprucing up.
It plans an aggressive promotion and marketing campaign, upgraded its
technology and added on-air talent: CNN's Jim Moret in Los Angeles and
IEalum Diane McInerney in New York.

It's building on success.

Inside Edition is coming off its best
year since 1999, averaging 3.5 in households season-to-date. Helping it in at
least 27 of the 56 metered markets is King World powerhouse
Oprah. She's seeing her best ratings in five
years. On those 27 stations, Oprah runs in
close proximity to Inside Edition.

The steady rise is showing up in key demographics, with women 18-34
jumping to 1.4 this year, up from 1.1 in the 1999-2000 season. Likewise,
Inside Edition has jumped from 1.5 to 1.8 in
women 18-49 and from 1.7 to 2.1 in women 25-54 over the same five years.

Executive Producer Charles Lachman attributes the improvement to
creating a faster-paced show. "Back in 1999, our stories tended to be longer,"
he says. "While they are still comprehensive and in-depth, which is what
viewers want, they also are tighter."

In addition, Inside Edition clicked
with stories more akin to Dateline and
20/20 than Access
and ET, giving it a
niche in access.

But the face-lift is also attributable, in part, to Paramount launching
another magazine show, The Insider, which
debuts Sept. 13. Lachman may wonder if the country needs another entertainment
magazine show, but The Insiderwill shake up
the mix.

Even coming off a high-rated year, Inside
wants to ensure it stays on the radar with
The Insider. IEhas created a marketing campaign, shot in
high-definition, that will air on broadcast stations, cable networks and radio.

Moira Coffey, King World's executive vice president of research, says
the addition of a new show to access will make the landscape more competitive
for everyone.

"I have a concern that The Insider
will dilute and diminish the ratings across the genre," Coffey says. "But we
are probably in the best position to defend ourselves. We are firmly
established as something different."