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Information, please

Where most streaming-media companies have focused on delivery of entertainment content, VastVideo is looking to fill the demand for information video.

The business-to-business provider of video application services and technology has compiled, digitized and indexed thousands of informational narrative video titles, for everything from installing a new shower head to tourist tips. The company makes this content available to Web sites-not only to those currently providing video but, most important, to those not doing so, says President of Media Neil Braun.

Web-site visitors tend to be looking for all types of information, he notes, and the videos offered by VastVideo are another way to meet that need.

"Television is becoming primarily the place for entertainment, and then you can drill down to the Internet as you want it," explains broadcasting vet Braun, who has held positions with NBC, Viacom, HBO and iCast. "But I see the Web as the place where you go for information. What we're trying to do is provide a place where you can get it in television form."

Software provided to a Web site tying into VastVideo's library enables the visitor to leave the host site and reach VastVideo's servers, which allows the provider to monitor the video quality. At the end of the session, the user is returned to the host site.

"With broadband, every Web site becomes a media asset," says CEO Nathan Leight. "And as we service these Web sites, we create a form of distribution for content providers. This also becomes relevant to broadcasters because we can help them syndicate our existing libraries to the Web world."