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Industry Campaign Targeted for July Launch

Former Motion Picture Association of America head Jack Valenti tells B&C that the pan-industry consumer-awareness campaign on parental content control he is heading is targeted for launch before Congress' August recess.

He pledged to Senate Commerce Committee Co-Chairmen Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) last fall that they would get a preview of the campaign before launch, so he says he is currently working on setting a date for that presentation.

The campaign will launch within days of that preview.

Valenti says he has been holding weekly meeting with ad agency McCann-Erickson, which is handling the creative, and says he is very pleased with the results.

The campaign will include TV and other ads, print materials, and a Website that Valenti says will be user-friendly.

The goal is to let parents know what technologies are already available to help control their family's TV viewing, including cable set-top controls and the broadcast V-chip/rating system. An equally important goal is to convince Washington that parental control, not government regulation, is the way to address content criticisms.

Broadcasters are battling an FCC indecency crackdown, while the cable industry is hoping to head off calls for mandatory à la carte cable service as a way to let subscribers control content.