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Indecent Ad Could Be a First

Dan Jaffe, executive VP, government relations, for the Association of National Advertisers, has a slightly different focus on the indecency actions released by the FCC this week, saying it represents the first-ever indecency finding against a commercial.

Jaffee said advertising as been in the commission's sights since at least the 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl reveal.

While the commission found two ads, a political spot and one for a hotel, were not indecent, as part of a package of indecent broadcasts on a Puerto Rican TV station, it cited a "promo for a DVD"--an ad actually---featuring "scantily-clad breasts and thong-clad buttocks." It fined the station $220,000.

That suggests, said Jaffe in a blog posting, that "the broadcast clearance of ads, which already is very stringent, will only tighten up further."