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QMEDIA to demo professional fiber link

A New York-based company called Qmedia is trying to build a nationwide fiber network for professional-video users such as television networks and post-production houses.

Qmedia's plan is to go outside traditional telco-based networks such as SONET to distribute video at 601 serial digital (270Mb/s) rates. The company has arranged venture-capital financing through Robert Stuart, a former managing director of CIBC World Markets who helped finance Global Crossing's transatlantic pipe, and has already secured extensive fiber, according to Qmedia founder and Chairman Russ Hamm.

We've got 16,000 miles of fiber, and we're going to light it up just for the media industry," says Hamm, an audio-industry veteran. The company is working with Fujitsu Network Communications in Richardson, Texas, to exploit a new network protocol Qmedia has developed called mediaTAL/Q (Transparent Asynchronous Lightbeams). The company plans to hold a test this month in Texas, where it will show multiple 270 Mb/s streams between three different geographic locations.