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Improvement gets ratings boost

The addition of two cable-superstation runs for syndicated Home Improvement -- WGN-TV and TBS-TV -- has boosted that off-network sitcom's national
Nielsen Media Research ratings average dramatically.

A look at early Nielsen numbers from one of those superstations, WGN-TV, shows why. In its first three weeks, the show has increased viewership in the 7
p.m. to 7:30 p.m. time period dramatically over second-quarter 2000 (when
Family Matters occupied that slot).

Viewership among adults 18 through 34 is up 32 percent and 18 through 49 is
up 18 percent.

The women 18-through-34 number is up 43 percent.

But the biggest jump is among those tool-loving men 25 through 54, up 63