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IFC Takes Seconds on Henry Rollins

IFC picked up a second season of its series The Henry Rollins Show as well as a special from the actor/singer and three new documentaries.

Season two of Rollins' late-night talk show will debut in April, 2007. Janeane Garofalo will provide editorial commentary for four of the 20 episodes. Additionally, the night the series premieres, IFC will run Henry Rollins: Uncut From Tel Aviv, a documentary of his upcoming two-night standup performance there along with his commentary on sites to see.

Separately, the network announced three new documentaries. Darkon, slated for fall, 2007, tracks fantasy role-playing gamers in Baltimore; Heavy Load, slated for spring, 2008, follows a punk band of musicians with and without learning disabilities; and At the Death House Door, also slated for spring, 2008, tells the story of an executed man and those who try to prove he was innocent.