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Idol Tuesday for Fox

The sun rose, the sun set, American Idol powered Fox to a nightly win. The three are becoming almost equally predictable.

Fox won Tuesday night in 18-49s (and households) with a 6.8 rating/19 share according to Nielsen. That was primarily on the strength of American Idol, whose "big band" night drummed up an 8.7/26, not quite enough to beat the other five nets combined, as has been the case several times, but close to it.

Second place in the 8-9 time period went to ABC and NBC, which tied with a 2.1/7 for back-to-back 8 Simple Rules repeats and back-to-back Frasier repeats, respectively. The one simple rule would appear to be: Don't put anything against Idol that can't stand to get walloped.

Fox's 24 benefitted from the lead-in, holding enough for a close second-place finish in 18-49s, with a 4.9/13 behind NBC's 5/13 for a second Frasier and Scrubs.

NBC was second for the night in 18-49s with a 4.2/12 for its aforementioned Frasiers and Scrubs, plus a big helping hand from Law & Order SVU, which won its 10-11 time period handily with a 5.4/14.

ABC was third for the night with a 3.1/8 for its sitcoms and NYPD Blue, which was its highest rated show with a 3.6/10.

CBS was fourth (though second in households) with a 2.3/6 for its drama tripleheader of Navy NCIS, The Guardian and Judging Amy.

In fifth was The WB, with a 1.9/5 for its drama doubleheader of Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. In sixth was UPN, with a .9/3 for its sitcom lineup of One On One, All Of Us, Rock Me Baby and Girlfriends.