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IBC NEWS: Harris Clusters With Isilon

Broadcast conglomerate Harris is teaming with clustered storage supplier Isilon Systems to link the Isilon IQ clustered storage system with the Harris’ NEXIO video servers.

Under the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreement, Harris will be able to offer a complete, enterprise-class video server and near-line storage solution, featuring a co-branded version of the Isilon IQ clustered storage system, which uses innovative file management software to create robust clustered storage system from standard, off-the-shelf IT storage.

The deal dovetails with Harris’ ongoing campaign to transform itself from a seller of “point products” to a provider of complete system solutions, says Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast, a point that Harris is making with the branding “One” on its IBC booth.

“You will see less emphasis on products and more on unique workflows as Harris goes forward,” says Thorsteinson.

Seattle-based Isilon was founded in 2001 by a couple of ex-Real Networks engineers. Over 70 media and entertainment companies, including NBC, Clear Channel and MySpace, now use Isilon’s IQ clustered storage product, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system, to store, manage and access digital content and unstructured data. The Isilon software can support 528 terabytes of storage in a single file system.

“This stuff really is plug-and-play,” says Tom Pettigrew, vice president of global sales partners for Isilon Systems. “You put it in the rack, push a button, and you’re done.”

Isilon also provides many storage systems to Fortune 500 companies. In the broadcast storage market, Isilon generally competes with EMC and Network Appliances in the broadcast storage market, says Pettigrew.

“We see a huge need for large, near-line storage systems,” he says.