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Hulu Begins HD Programming Push

Hulu has long had an HD gallery as part of its site, but it was largely relegated to trailers for upcoming films, rather than feature length movies and television shows.

That is changing this week, as Hulu begins adding full length 720p high definition content to its HD gallery. The move is part of Hulu's "Hulu for The Holidays" push, which features new movies, TV shows and features every day until Dec. 26.

The first programs available are NBC shows, including the latest episodes of 30 Rock, The Office and Heroes, as well as Joss Whedon's strike induced web-feature Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

So far there are only 10 full-length shows available. Hulu is not setting a timetable or program schedule for the HD gallery, though it is expected to refresh it with new content as it sees fit. In addition, HD content is not embeddable to outside websites, unlike nearly everything else on the site.

"Ultimately, Hulu is committed to leveraging and developing innovative technologies that deliver the best possible online video viewing experience," said a Hulu spokesperson. "To that end, the Hulu HD gallery is the first step in making HD quality videos available on Hulu."