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HRTS looks to revamp itself

Jordan Levin, The WB Television Network’s president of entertainment, is taking over as
president of the Hollywood Radio & Television Society from Kevin Reilly,
NBC’s incoming president of programming.

Under the leadership of two of Hollywood’s youngest and most up-and-coming
network executives, the nearly 60-year-old HRTS is looking to revitalize its
events so that they are more "newsworthy, noteworthy and entertaining," Reilly said
at a Tuesday-morning press breakfast. "The goal is to get the most frank
discussions we can and be provocative," he added.

This means changes such as spicing up next week’s panel with the network
entertainment presidents with video clips of talent, producers and executives,
helping Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien to moderate the annual event.

The HRTS also hopes to add more "tentpole" events, expanding to one or two
weekend or night events, providing places for top executives to break news and
possibly adding breakfast seminars.

Reilly said industry consolidation has affected the HRTS’ budget, but to counter
that, the organization is seeking sponsorships from corporations, with
consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP the first to sign on.

Organizations would pay anywhere from $15,000-$50,000 to sponsor an event,
getting advertising behind podiums and in promotional material.

The HRTS also plans to start a charitable foundation.

Right now, the association works with Los Angeles-based nonprofit Youth Mentoring
Connection, which unites entertainment-industry executives with at-risk