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'Housewives' Ponders Living in Syn

The ladies of Wisteria Lane may find a second home on cable soon.
Industry insiders report that Disney TV
executives are having informal conversations about selling reruns of
to cable channels. As of last week, the steamy
nighttime soap, produced for ABC by Disney's Touchstone, had only nine episodes under its garter
belt. But going early to market is in keeping with a trend toward trying to
strike while rookie shows are hot, as with Spike
's recently acquisition of CSI:

Despite what others report, Buena
, which would distribute the show, insists it's not selling
the show now. A Desperate Housewives
syndication deal would almost certainly mean just weekly appearances on cable
at first, until the Desperate oeuvre is deep
enough for stripping (insert your own bath-towel/locker-room joke here).