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House Commerce Committee Wraps FCC Investigation

The House Commerce Committee closed its investigation of the Federal Communications Commission, but it will not hold a hearing on the results, according to a source.

That source would not comment on the results, but the committee back in May said it was investigating credible allegations of mismanagement.

The Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee "just" wrapped up its investigation of the FCC, but "due to time constraints, we will be unable to hold a hearing," the source said.

The committee will not keep the results to itself, however. "We are considering how best to make our findings public, including a committee report,” the source said. A report is the most likely option.

The subcommittee investigation, launched in January, followed complaints externally and internally about how items were brought to a vote, information that was leaking to some lobbyists and not to others and complaints about FCC chairman Kevin Martin's resolve to vote on modifying the ban on newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership despite attempts to stop or delay the vote by members of FCC oversight committees in both Houses.

The subcommittee asked for a raft of information in May, saying that it was investigating "credible" allegations from current and former employees and others related to management practices "that may adversely affect the commission's ability both to discharge effectively its statutory duties and to guard against waste, fraud and abuse."