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Homeless Vet Attacks WIBW Newsroom

Two WIBW Topeka employees were injured when a disgruntled man broke into the station May 23 and wielded a knife. The man was identified as Ray Miles, who WIBW identifies as a homeless veteran with a criminal record.

Both employees, who sustained cuts, were out of the hospital the night of May 23.

In surveillance video, the man, identified as Ray Miles, is seen punching two employees. He's then subdued, before breaking free and pulling out a knife.

Miles had been allowed entry into the front lobby, and spoke with news director Jon Janes about his dissatisfaction with the Veterans Administration. Janes told the man the station could not help him.

Miles left the building, but returned about 10 minutes later and was not allowed in. He smashed the glass front doors with a lamp and reached through to open the door.

After the fracas, WIBW employees held the suspect down until police arrived. He's being held on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, aggravated criminal threat resulting in terror or evacuation, aggravated burglary, criminal damage and aggravated battery.

Janes said he'd previously spoken with the suspect about VA issues on March 22.

TV newsroom break-ins are rare. The journalism think tank Poynter Institute addresses the situation at WIBW, and newsroom security in general, at